A Guide On How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account

Undoubtedly, Tinder is known to be the most popular dating app in the web world. This short write up is intended to the concerned readers and other dating enthusiasts to educate on use tinder without FB account. To operate with genuine people, Tinder requests to authenticate the profile with Facebook (FB). To get more details about downloading the online dating app browse the website www.pcworld.com and get enlightened further. It will be a tough task to use Tinder without FB and realizing this situation some people even back out without trying any alternative. However, one can always use Tinder by signing an exclusive FB account; otherwise alter some of the private-setting on the FB account, concerning the Tinder App and go for the ‘Only Me’ option. Read this article further to know some of the intricacies involved in using Tinder without FB.

Know some facts about Tinder
When it comes to online dating, Tinder is an amazing social dating application which has gained tremendous popularity in the recent times. It has been known to be the best connective medium between two individuals who have some mutual interest. Tinder lays a solid foundation for them to build a long lasting and loving relationship. In fact, FB helps in shielding Tinder users against any abuse, as many users will not go to the extent of opening a fake FB account for the sake of harassing the users especially the women folks. Ever since Tinder was developed, things went on smoothly, and none of the users ever grumbled until someone has found the aspect of privacy has taken a beating.

Considering the aspect of personal security, people who are involved in dating by using Tinder are embarrassed to have a Tinder account which is technically linked to the FB friends. Many are even worried about this privacy implications the come with the FB with Tinder. Some of the social, sensitive individuals who are concerned about their privacy matters even come out of FG for this purpose. However, there are few options for these people to operate Tinder without FB account.

Mode of operation without FB account

Open a new FB account: Though known to be ‘devilish’ this is one of the short term methods to operate Tinder with an exclusive FB account. Give your personal details as given in the original FB account. Consider this as a clone to your original account but not as a fake account. This way, you can still maintain the FB original account with FB kind stuff, and use the clone FB account for all kinds of Tinder interactions. Though this may sound like a violation of FB rules, this solution can be tried till you get a suitable partner.

Alter the settings: This seems to be another easy way to avoid any FB links to your Tinder account. Being Tinder users, you have the rights to protect yourself from your FB friends. Go to the setting menu in your Tinder and switch off the feature so that your Tinder blocks the matching FB account.

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