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Setting up a new home or renovating an old one, decorating an abode to meet our lifelong vision is like a dream come true. From the smallest dish towel to the biggest appliance, we take particular care when it comes to creating a new home. But little decisions like which colour to paint the walls are easy to make. They do not require research whereas decisions like buying the best refrigerator in india need to be made carefully and with consideration. It is, for this reason, we explain some of the factors that need to be thought over before purchasing a fridge. Each category is explained in depth to help you get the best out of your buck while keeping in sync with your preferences. If you need decorating ideas take a look at

If you have children at home, then buying a stainless-steel refrigerator might not be a too good idea. This is because no matter how pretty stainless appliance might look, they show fingerprints very quickly. With kids at home, this equates to an always smudged fridge. A better option would be to buy an alternate material fridge that looks stainless but isn’t. These are smudge proof and magnetic which makes it easier to tack on stuff to the door.

Fitting in appliances in nooks and corners so that they give a symmetrical look is all the rage these days. This necessitates that the counter depth of the kitchen should match the depth of the refrigerator you buy. Until and unless you have the moolah to remodel the kitchen to fit in your new fridge, keep this factor in mind. A disadvantage with a sleek and custom fit refrigerator is the lack of space. If the area you have in the kitchen is narrow, it automatically translates to a narrow fridge. This means lesser space to store food.

If you are a tech geek or just someone who likes access to the internet from every gadget possible, then a high-tech refrigerator model that comes with an entertainment unit might be best for you. Smart fridges come equipped with a TV on the door or picture frame. The time is not far where a fridge could be connected to the internet. Another factor you need to consider when buying a fridge is the amount of water and ice you will be storing in it. If you have a water cooler at home, then a unit that does not have water and ice dispenser is recommended. Though very convenient these dispensers are prone to breaking. With kids at home, they can lead to messy situations also. They cost more than regular top freezers. Unlike before where such dispensers were available only in side by side freezer models, now most configurations have it.
The last point to think on before buying a refrigerator is the flexibility you need. Do you want different sections for different types of items like a freezer drawer for deep freezing food and a fresh food cabinet for daily use items? Depending upon the way you organise your food, some fridge models might be more convenient than others.

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