Pro And Cons Of Gmail Services


Undoubtedly, Gmail (Gmail or Google mail) seems to be the most secure and user-friendly email services in the present web world. With its newly added feature users can also receive fax online through their Gmail account. Readers can also browse the website and know how this mail services offer many extras to take our mailing experience to a new level. This short article is written to educate the readers about the pros of this excellent mailing service tool on the Internet.

Gmail services- A short review

If you are searching for a web based mailing tool to manage your mailing needs efficiently, one that offers great features, one that saves you time in searching your previous emails and more importantly one that eliminates spam or junk sent to you, Gmail is the answer. Google mail seems to be the perfect solution for your personal as well as business communication needs. Above all, Gmail services come at no cost for millions of users from all parts of the world. Perhaps, this could be one of the major USPs of this amazing email services available on this planet Earth.

Pros & Cons of Gmail services

People who have Gmail account never switch to other email services, which itself speaks volume of its benefits offered to customers. In the interests of the readers some of the key Pros of Gmail services are given below:

1. Gmail is free, quick and stable showing great consistency.
2. It offers cent percent spam and virus protection to the account holders.
3. It can be easily accessed from all types of mobile devices that have the Internet facility.
4. Offers the best customer service that works round the clock in serving the users.
5. One can always see a copy of the sent mains in the ‘Sent Folder.’

Though Gmail has tons of benefits than the other mailing service, it has some downsides, which users need to know here:

1. It provides a small screen for composing reply messages and thereby cutting the viewing space drastically. This anomaly frustrates while operation on mobile devices, in particular for the quality conscious writers.
2. Its users need to face some tiresome advertising. Since Gmail offers free service, many ads pop up on the right side, which may sour the flavor of the personal daily emails.
3. As most of us are familiar with the term ‘Folders,’ Gmail offers it as ‘Labels’ that could be a bit confusing to the new users.

Considering the innumerable benefits it offers to the users, Gmail seems to be the leader in the web based email services and is still the best free mail service available to most of us. Besides this, it also offers few social benefits such as Google Plus connectivity as well the Google Drive feature for small business owners.

People who have passed the learning curve of using Gmail services will surely love it forever and will not switch back the previous services they have been using over a period. Perhaps this is the real power of Gmail services to the ‘Netizens’(People who use web network) of this amazing World Wide Web.

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