A Complete Guide To Choose The Right Dog Nail Clippers

Dogs are raised as a favourite pet in most of the houses. They play a major role in guarding your house. It is important that you maintain your dog well so that your pet stays and healthy. There are various aspects of maintaining your dog like giving a frequent bath, pruning the hair, clipping the nails, etc. Using a perfect Nail clipper does wonders in trimming the nails of your pet dog. You can get some great nail clippers for your dog here to make sure your dog’s nails are in great shape. The experts at veterinaryrecord.bmj.com have recently published a journal on the need to trim your dog nails. It is important that you know about the basic anatomy of the dog paws and toes before you try to learn about trimming their nails. The article serves as a guide for choosing a perfect nail clipper for your dog. It also helps you to use the nail clippers.

Anatomy Of Dog Paws And Toes
The paws and toes of dogs are similar to human legs and hands. The main difference is that dogs can walk with barefoot even at extreme temperature. This is due to the presence of series of pads stocked with fatty tissue. It has six pads for every p. The series of pads has the ability to withstand shock and protect from rough surfaces. Dogs walk using their toes rather than the paws. Dog paw nails aid in gripping objects by the dog.

Nails Of Dogs
The nails of the dogs are also called as dog claws. They are made up of cartilage substance. They look similar to the hand and toe nails of human beings. The ends of the nails are dead, but there are vessels which supply blood to the nails. This aids in the growth of the nail

Trimming Your Dog’s Nail
It is a bit of a tricky task to cut your dog’s nail. You can visit your vet and ask him to trim the nails of your dog for the first time. You can have a closer look at how he does the job. You can also clarify your doubts with the vet or a dog groomer. It is good to do go for a quick cut so that you can safely trim the nails of your pet dog. There are situations when your dog wriggles when you perform a quick cut. This may lead to bleeding in the dog’s toenail. You should be aware of the first aid to be given for your pet. You can apply some cornstarch or styptic powder to induce clotting.

Choosing A Perfect Dog Nail Clipper
It is critical to choose a perfect nail clipper that suits your dog. There are various types of nail clippers available on the Internet. For beginner’s scissors clippers is the perfect choice to trim your dog’s nail for the first time. You can also use a guillotine clipper, where your dog’ nail sticks into the centre of the clipper. Using a guillotine clipper may be painful and scary for your dog. For dogs with larger paws, you can use large pair dog nail clippers.

Now you’re aware of the basic anatomy of your pet dog, so get clipping at those nails!