What Does a Food Processor Do That a Blender Doesn’t?


What Does a Food Processor Do That a Blender Doesn’t?
LiquidsA blender is more fun for liquids than a food processor. So you should put your hands in a blender when you wish for a smoothie or things like that. But if you need to eat something that needs more labor, a food processor can do the trick. Examples of these tasks are slicing veggies or mixing the dough. But you can even purchase a blender that can be powerful enough so you can avoid buying a food processor down the road.

check out this post https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/blenders-vs-food-processors/ What does a food processor do that a blender doesn’t? This is a common question that many women are asking themselves these days. They want to take their experiences in the kitchen to a whole new level. Understanding the difference between a food processor and a blender will give them tons of benefits.


A food processor can do more things than a blender does such as slicing, mixing, shredding, pureeing, and chopping. But you must also keep in mind that a top-tier blender can do almost anything a food processor can do these days. Remember also that a blender has been designed for smoothies, so you are better off buying a blender if you want to make smoothies quickly and easily. If you need to make some soups or light sauces, a blender will be fine because they can handle liquid quite well.

Making Dough

If you need to make dough or any other kind of labor intensive task, a food processor can do the trick right away. Since mixing bowls tend to be part of food processors, you will manage to mix the dough, shred cheese, and slice carrots. If you are a baker, you will love a food processor. But if you love liquid lunches, you will adore a blender in no time too.

The Differences Are Blurring

The differences between a blender and a food processor are blurring since many blenders also come with multiple attachments which give these machines the power of tackling a lot of extra tasks down the road. Remember that blenders have a deep bowl that allows them to avoid exploding or overflowing a liquid down the road.
If you want to put your hands on a razor-sharp and ridged machine, a food processor is for you. This is the multi-use tool that you need to get for your kitchen right away. If you want to make a quick work of seeds and nuts, a food processor is for you. A food processor can even do the work of any chef`s knife out there. If you need to pulverize any kind of garlic or onion, a food processor will do the trick.

Remember that a food processor and blender are different machines, but these differences are blurring these days with the raise of the powerful high-end blender out there. But you have now more information on the differences of these items so you can take your kitchen experience to the next level. Remember that a blender is awesome for making smoothies, but a food processor can do the trick for almost any chopping job out there.

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