Why to Provide Training for Employees?

Scholastic CFO Maureen O’Connell is a leading business advisor and entrepreneur. Her ideas on development and training for employees are second best to none. Some of her insights are shared in this article for the benefit of readers.

The work environment is watching constant change and evolving in nature day by day. The manager faces a tough situation where he has to meet the needs of the customers and tune the employees according to the expectations of the customer. For example, if a company is hiring an inexperienced person for a payroll position, then they could not expect the employee to perform his task from day one.

The manager has to arrange training and join him with a particular payroll team so that the new employee can learn his tasks as he works. If the work environment is updated according to the needs of the client, the organization should take steps to update the knowledge and skills of the employees. This will help the employees in a great way to provide best results for the company’s existing clients. Training and development are very important for all levels of the employees. It is not limited to starters or fresher. It has to be offered even to experienced managers and executive officers, where they could learn and update their position. It will help them to update their knowledge and skills according to the current trends one has to apply in the work environment.

The manager plays an important role in an organization. It is his responsibility to encourage career and growth development through various means like staff developing, coaching, adequate training, assisting employees to set their goals and giving them chances for advancement and career growth. If the manager is going to remain dull and conscious only of his responsibilities, then he could not expect any achievement or teamwork from his members. When you see the word – TEAM, there is no letter called I in the word. The development of the company is possible only when each and every member participates and contributes their efforts.

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